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Wonder Woman glows in the dark (Wonder Woman 1984)

The mastery of the elements

Diana is represented here on a transparent base giving the impression that she is flying. She is wearing her usual amazon warrior outfit with a red bustier and a blue skirt as well as golden elements including an eagle at the neckline. She also wears matching red boots. On her head, she has brown hair flying in the wind and a golden tiara on her forehead. Finally, she is holding her famous glow-in-the-dark lasso of truth which she uses to catch lightning bolts.


A mythological heroine

Wonder Woman, whose real name is Diana Prince, is the heroine of the 1984 movie Wonder Woman. After having fought the god Ares during the first world war, we find the immortal Amazon in the 80s. This one always fights the forces of evil. In this opus, she will be confronted to her friend Barbara, jealous of her eternal youth. The anthropologist will find an ancient ritual that will transform her into a semi-guardian creature, giving her superpowers but also making her very aggressive. In this same opus, Diana will also find Steve Trevor, her human lover who died during World War I.


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