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Etta Candy (Wonder Woman)

Etta Candy in armor

Etta Candy is represented here at the moment when Diana goes shopping to find clothes a little more casual than her amazon outfit and her long coat and that she must therefore temporarily entrust her sword and her shield to Etta. Etta wears a typical turn-of-the-century suit that reaches her mid-calf and blue and turquoise boots. With this, she wears a coat that matches her shoes and a long pearl necklace. At the head level, we find her short curly hair in the fashion of the time and an elegant hat matching the rest of her outfit and nicely detailed. Finally, she wears Diana’s bronze shield and her sword with a golden pommel.


A super assistant

Etta Candy is a character from the Wonder Woman movie based on the comic book of the same name set during World War I and telling the origins of the most famous DC superheroine. Diana is the youngest of the Amazons, raised on the island of Themyscira and trained in combat to prepare her for the day when Ares, the god of war, returns to Earth. When an American pilot crashes his plane near her island and she learns what is happening on Earth right now, she is convinced that it is Ares and decides to accompany Steve Taylor to help him deliver important documents to the British army that could be decisive in the outcome of this war. Etta Candy is Steve Taylor’s assistant and her role goes far beyond that of a simple secretary, although this is, given the time, her official title.


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