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Wonder Woman with gauntlets (Wonder Woman)

An extra tool

For this Funko shop exclusive figure, Funko has decided to represent Diana using her famous strength bracelets. Indeed, when she crosses them in front of her, she releases a consequent strength to fight her enemies. Otherwise, she is of course still wearing her Wonder Woman outfit inspired by the Greek style. Her bustier is red and gold with a skirt of blue blades with a little desaturated colors. She also wears high boots reminding a bit of spartan and whose details are nicely represented. Finally, at the level of the head, we find her long brown hair and the small golden crown on her forehead.


Unparalleled Powers

Wonder Woman is the superhero name for the last and youngest Amazon created by Zeus himself in the Wonder Woman comics and movie adaptation. In this story, the Amazons were created by Zeus in order to fight Ares, the god of war who had decided to prove that humans, Zeus’ favorite creation, were not as good as everyone thought. After momentarily defeating him, the Amazons retreated to the island of Themyscira but continued to train knowing that Ares would return and try to corrupt the humans again. To do this, Zeus created one last young Amazon named Diana, whom he presented as the ultimate weapon against Ares. During World War I, an American pilot crashes near the coast of the island and Diana learns what is happening in Europe. She is convinced that this is Ares’ fault and decides to follow the young pilot to try to unmask the god and kill him once and for all using her many warrior powers.


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