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Wonder Woman deluxe (Wonder Woman)

A classic heroine

Funko has represented her here in a Deluxe version in the Jim Lee collection. She’s standing on a base of sharp brown rocks and is holding one leg on one of the rocks. She is wearing her famous blade skirt with her red and gold bustier, all in past tones and metallic and is of course wearing her famous red boots. She is also wearing a red cape that floats in the wind like her long black hair. Finally, she holds in her hands her shield and her famous lasso of truth.


The Amazon Princess

Wonder Woman, whose real name is Diana Prince, is the heir princess of the mythical Amazon tribe in the Wonder Woman comics. According to the versions of the character, she either comes from an alien planet or was created by Zeus as in mythology and lived a large part of her life on the hidden island of Themyscyra. But Diana took a liking to the human race and became the superhero Wonder Woman to protect them. She also joined the justice league composed of her, Batman, Superman, Flash, Aquaman and some others to protect the Earth from particularly serious threats. Her origin gives her particularly impressive powers, strength, speed, almost invulnerability as well as her famous lasso of truth.


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