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Dilophosaurus (Jurassic Park)

An inimitable look

The dilophosaurus is in one of the most memorable scenes of the movie and we remember well his so particular appearance. Its body is quite close to that of the velociraptor. It stands on two powerful back legs and uses its front legs as hands. Its body is mainly in green tones and its head is large and elongated. What differentiates it from the velociraptor are the two ridges above its eyebrows but especially the colored ruff that it can deploy when it is preparing to spit poison on its prey to immobilize them before devouring them.


An intelligent predator

Dilophosaurus is one of the dinosaur species recreated by the company InGen in the 90s movie Jurassic Park. This genetics company succeeded, under the impetus of its rich owner, to create new dinosaurs thanks to the DNA contained in a mosquito preserved in amber. The billionaire John Hammond has in mind to create a kind of amusement park on an island in Costa Rica, where visitors could come and see these impressive beasts. But during the day organized with specialists to decide on the viability and safety of the project, things go wrong. A technician cuts the security systems to escape with one of the DNA extracts and most of the dinosaurs are released from their enclosure. Ironically, Dennis, the technician in question, finds himself being chased by one of them, a dilophosaurus. He manages to get away from it once and gets back into his car. But the dinosaur was actually faster than him and got into the car. He pulls out his ruff and spits poison in his face before devouring him.


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