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Doc & Einstein (Retour Vers Le Futur)

An adorable assistant

Doc is shown here with his dog Einstein as we see them at the beginning of the first film when they are doing their first experiment. Doc is wearing a white jumpsuit with orange symbols on his legs and brown shoes. His hair is white and voluminous and his face is a little wrinkled. He is holding the remote control of the car and the stopwatch which indicates 1:21. Einstein is sitting on the ground. His coat is beige with a little white on the muzzle. He is carrying a stopwatch indicating 1:20, which proves that he has traveled in time.

An experiment that goes wrong

Dr. Emmett Brown is one of the main characters of the cult trilogy Back to the Future. He is an eccentric genius scientist who finally manages to build and operate the time machine he has been working on all his life. At the beginning of the film, he invites his friend Marty, a young high school student passionate about music and skateboarding, to come and film the first test of his machine in the parking lot of a shopping center. For the first test, he puts his dog Einstein in the machine (a DeLorean car) and makes him travel one minute in the future. It’s a success and just as they are about to do a second test, the terrorists from whom Doc had stolen the plutonium show up and shoot him. Marty runs away with the car and finds himself propelled in 1955. He has to go and find the younger version of Doc so that he can help him get back to his own time.


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