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Marty holding hoverboard (Retour Vers Le Futur)

A new era

Marty McFly is the young high school hero of the Back to the Future trilogy of movies. In the first movie, he found himself in 1955 after an experiment by his friend Doc went wrong and he had to call upon the young version of Doc to return to his own time. In the second film, Doc comes to take Marty back to the future to help his future son who got into serious trouble. Since his future son looks just like him, Marty will simply pretend to be his son to solve his problems. For this exclusive figurine, Marty is represented with the outfit he wears to pretend to be his son in the future and holding the hoverboard he borrows from a little girl. It’s a kind of skateboard but it levitates. Otherwise, he wears a blue jean with the pockets upside down with these famous self-lacing shoes. He also wears a red t-shirt with this red and gray jacket whose sleeve length also self-adjusts.


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