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Marty with glasses (Retour Vers Le Futur)

A real boy of the 80’s

Marty is shown here with the look he has at the beginning of the first movie. He is wearing blue jeans with white Adidas sneakers, typical of the time. He is also wearing a plaid shirt over a red t-shirt. On top of that, he wears a dark grey denim jacket with a giraffe skin print on the lapels. His Walkman is attached to one of his pockets and he wears big silver sunglasses. Finally, we find his brown hair styled rather short and falling on his forehead.

Lost in the past

Marty is one of the main characters of the famous Back to the Future trilogy. Marty is a teenager from the 80’s with a passion for music who lives a quiet life with his family and his girlfriend Jennifer. His friend is Emmet Brown, the town’s eccentric but brilliant scientist. One evening, Emmet Brown asks him to join him in a parking lot to film his latest scientific experiment. Indeed, he has created a time machine in a DeLorean car. The first attempt is a success, but then the terrorists from whom Doc has stolen plutonium for the machine arrive. Doc is shot and Marty runs away with the car. He finds himself in 1955 by accident and he has to ask the young version of Doc to help him. But he will also run into his father and mother before they were together and will cause a time paradox that he will also have to solve or risk never existing.


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