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Dr Emmet Brown avec foudre (Retour Vers Le Futur)

Lightning Driver

For this exclusive Loot Crate figure, Emmet Doc” Brown is shown here in his 1955 version as lightning passes through the wires connected to the car that will send Marty back to his time. He wears brown pants with black shoes, a blue sweater and a long scientist’s coat. At the level of the head, he wears big goggles and we can see the big scar on his forehead. Finally, we find of course his famous white hair always a little disheveled.

Dr. Emmet Brown in 1955

Dr. Emmet Brown is one of the two main characters of the famous trilogy of the 80s Back to the Future. In 1985, Dr. Emmet Brown is a slightly eccentric but genius scientist who manages to invent a time machine. But while he demonstrates it to Marty McFly, a young high school student with whom he is friends, they are attacked by terrorists from whom he stole the plutonium necessary to operate the machine. The scientist is hit but Marty manages to escape with the car, accidentally finding himself in 1955, the year Doc wanted to surrender. In order to return home, Marty will ask for help from the 1955 version of his friend. But plutonium is even more difficult to find in 1955, so they’ll have to use lightning.


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