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Marty in Future Outfit (Retour Vers Le Futur)

A future Marty

Marty is represented here with the outfit he wears when he is going to take his son’s place thirty years in the future. He wears blue jeans with turned-up pockets and the famous high-top sneakers whose laces are automatically laced. On top he wears a bomber jacket whose sleeve length is also automatically adjusted. Finally, he wears this famous multicolored cap with a changing effect.

Marty sees double

Marty McFly is one of the heroes of the cult trilogy of the 80s Back to the Future. He is a young high school student passionate about rock music who dreams one day that his little band becomes famous. His friend is Emmett Brown, an eccentric scientist. One day, Emmett calls him to come and film the test of his latest invention, a time machine. But the first test doesn’t go as planned and Marty finds himself propelled into the past and must ask for help from young Doc Brown to return to his own time. But while he has just returned to his time and is pleasantly surprised by the changes he has caused, Doc comes to look for him again. Doc has taken a trip to the future and things are not going well for Marty’s future son. He has to take his place in order to prevent him from making a big mistake, but he is going to trigger events that are going to change his present in a nightmarish way.


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