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Doc Emmet Brown (Retour Vers Le Futur)

A nice tribute to Einstein

Although this is not the outfit we see him wearing most often during the three movies (or even only during the first one), Funko chose to represent him in the suit he wears during his first appearance. Indeed, during this scene, he handles plutonium to supply the car with energy, and must therefore wear a protective suit. We can see the bright orange details on the pockets and legs as well as the pen in his pocket. As in the movie, Doc wears a tool bag on his belt and he holds in his hand the remote control of the car in which he has placed his dog Einstein”. Doc is of course represented with his mass of dishevelled white hair reminiscent of the real Einstein and with his goggles pulled up on his forehead. Finally, Funko did not forget to add a few wrinkles on his face to stick even more faithfully to the character.

A genius scientist

Doc Emmet Brown is one of the main characters in Robert Zemeckis’ famous science fiction trilogy, Back to the Future”. Although he can often seem a bit eccentric and his inventions don’t always work, Dr. Emmet Brown is a genius scientist. One night, he summons his young friend, Marty MacFly, to tell him about his latest invention: a De Lorean converted into a time machine. But while he is demonstrating it to him, the terrorists from whom he had stolen the plutonium necessary for the machine’s operation resurface, kill him and Marty finds himself propelled into 1955. He will then have to call upon the Doc of that time to return to his own. But this first trip is only the beginning of their adventures and their many trips back in time!


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