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Marty checking watch (Retour Vers Le Futur)

Marty surprised

For this exclusive figurine for the summer 2020 conventions, Funko has represented Marty as he is seen on the poster of the first movie when he gets out of the car after arriving in 1955 and looks at his watch. He is still wearing his 1985 clothes: light blue jeans with red-striped Nike sneakers. He is also wearing a white and blue checkered shirt and a denim jacket with panther skin lapels and an orange sleeveless down jacket. Around his neck he wears his helmet and on his head the goggles he wore in the car.

A new era

Marty McFly is the hero of the famous science fiction trilogy of the 80s, Back to the Future. At the beginning of the story, Marty, a young high school student with a passion for rock and skateboarding, is invited by his friend, the brilliant but a little eccentric Dr. Emmett Brown, to come and see the experimentation of his latest invention, a time machine. The first test is a success and Doc is about to test the machine, installed in a DeLorean car, himself when the terrorists from whom he stole the plutonium essential to the machine, show up. They shoot at Doc and Marty takes the car to escape. Thinking only of fleeing as fast as possible, he does not pay attention to the date already entered in the time machine nor the fact that he is reaching the maximum speed. In a few seconds, Marty finds himself projected in 1955 with a car that has no more plutonium to return to the present. He’ll have to find the young Doc from 1955 to find a way to get back without risking to change his present.


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