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Biff Tannen (Retour Vers Le Futur)

The original Biff

Funko has represented here the version of Biff that we see the most, the young one of the year 1955. He is wearing a typical look from that period with blue jeans with rolled up bottoms showing white socks and small black shoes with brown soles. He also wears a white t-shirt with a beige bomber jacket with a gold zipper and black collar and sleeves. At the level of the head, we find his hair cut short and in brush and he stands of course in an aggressive posture with a clenched fist.

An idiot villain

Biff Tannen is the main villain of the Back to the Future trilogy, the cult trilogy of the 80s. At the beginning of the trilogy, Biff is Marty’s father’s boss, and continues to abuse him as he did when they were co-workers. When Marty comes to film his friend Doc’s first time machine test and they are attacked by terrorists, Marty takes the car and ends up in 1955 by accident. While trying to find the Doc of 1955 to go back to his time, he runs into his parents and Biff Tannen. Already in high school, he was a brainless little bully who had fun tormenting everyone around him and who, even then, was very much in love with Marty’s mother. Throughout the trilogy, Marty will meet many versions of Biff. In the second film, he will meet the old Biff from the future as well as his grandson, then meet an alternative version of his present in the second part of the film. Finally, in the third film, he will meet Bufford Tannen, his ancestor in the wild west when he has to find Doc who was sent there by accident.


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