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Marty in Puffy Vest (Retour Vers Le Futur)

An event not to be missed

Marty is represented here during the scene where he films the first experiment of Doc. He is wearing blue jeans with small white Nike sneakers typical of the time. He also wears a plaid shirt, a jean jacket and a sleeveless red down jacket which was very fashionable in the 80’s. At the head level, we find his brown hair cut short and wears his walkman helmet around his neck. Finally, he holds in his hand his big black camera, ready to film.

A night like no other

Marty is one of the two heroes of the cult 80’s movie Back to the Future. He is a young high school rock fanatic and very much in love with his girlfriend Jennifer. He is also friends with Dr. Emmett Doc” Brown, the genius but slightly eccentric scientist of his small Californian town of Hill Valley. One night, he asks Marty to take his camera and join him in a parking lot to witness the first test of his invention, a time-traveling car. The experiment is a success, but then the terrorists from whom Doc has stolen plutonium show up. Marty must then take the car transformed into a time machine and exceeding the necessary speed, he finds himself propelled in the past in 1955 where he will need the help of the young Doc to return in his time.


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