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Marty McFly (Retour Vers Le Futur)

A look emblematic of his decade

Marty is represented on this figurine with the outfit he wears at the beginning of the movie and that he will keep during most of the 3 movies. It’s a very 80’s style outfit with light blue jeans and a denim jacket with yellow lapels over a plaid shirt. The designers of the figurine have not forgotten his famous orange fleece jacket and his little Nike sneakers so emblematic of the 80s. Of course, like any hip 80’s high school student, Marty doesn’t go out without his walkman whose black headphones are always around his neck. Finally, as in the movie, his hair is brown with a side always a little disheveled.

The hero of a cult trilogy

Marty McFly is the main character of the cult trilogy of the 80s Back to the Future”. Played by Michael J. Fox, Marty is a high school student who divides his free time between his passion for music, his girlfriend Jennifer and his friend Emmet “Doc” Brown, a genius but slightly crazy scientist. One night, Doc asks Marty to join him to share his latest invention, which is nothing less than a time machine. But when the terrorists from whom Doc stole the plutonium needed to operate his machine resurface, events follow and Marty finds himself propelled into 1955. He will have to call upon Doc from 1955 to return to his time. He will trigger an incredible series of events and time travels that will end in the 3rd movie when the Delorean/time machine will be definitively destroyed. In the three parts of the trilogy, the two heroes will go to 1955, to the future in 2015 but also to a more distant past in 1855 and in an alternative 1985.


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