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Marty 1955 (Retour Vers Le Futur)

An adaptable young man

Marty is portrayed here once he has been able to find Doc and the latter lends him clothes more suited to the time. He wears blue jeans with rolled-up bottoms and small black sneakers. He also wears a polo shirt with red and blue patterns and a small gray jacket with red collar and sleeves. His brown hair is styled on the side in the fashion of the 50s. Finally, he holds in his hand the brown wooden skate that he borrows from a little girl and transforms into a skateboard in order to escape from the young Biff.

A double mission

Marty Mc Fly is one of the main characters of the famous trilogy of the 80s Back to the Future. He is a young high school student with a passion for music who has a friend in the town’s eccentric scientist. One night, the latter asks him to join him to film his latest invention, a time machine. It works well but Marty and Doc are attacked by terrorists and Marty runs away with the car/time machine and finds himself in the date Doc wanted to visit, 1955. Once there, Marty’s first thought is to find young Doc to ask for his help, but on the way he runs into his future parents and unwillingly changes the past. In addition to having to find a way to get back to 1985, he will also have to set things right so that his parents meet as planned.


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