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Marty in Future Outfit (Retour Vers Le Futur)

A future Marty

Marty is thus represented here with the clothes of the future which he borrows in order to pass himself off as his son. He wears blue jeans with turned-up pockets and very large sneakers, the famous ones that self-adjust on his feet. On top, he wears a red t-shirt and a red and grey jacket with sleeves that go up and are held at the right length. Finally, on the head, we find this simple face and the silver cap he wears on top of his head.

A new era

Marty McFly is the famous hero of the cult trilogy of the 80s, Back to the Future. At the beginning of the story, Doc, the friend and genius inventor invites the young high school student to attend the first test of his time machine. Things get out of hand when they are attacked by terrorists from whom Doc has stolen plutonium and Marty is sent back to 1955 by accident. Finally back in a slightly improved present thanks to Doc from the past, Marty won’t rest for long. Indeed, at the beginning of the second movie, Doc arrives again to take Marty in 2015 in order to try to solve the problems of his future son. Indeed, this one is going to find himself embroiled in a criminal case by Biff Tannen’s grandson and to find himself in prison for several decades. Marty, whose son is the spitting image of him, will adopt his son’s identity in order to prevent him from participating in the robbery with Tannen’s grandson and save his future. Unfortunately, an attempt to bring back a sports almanac giving him the sports results of the last sixty years will turn against him and he will find himself in a rather terrifying modified present.


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