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Time Machine (Retour Vers Le Futur)

Not a simple sports car

As Doc says in the movie, if you are going to travel in time at the wheel of a car, you might as well choose one that looks good! And it is thus what he did by choosing the famous DeLorean. We find the lines so particular and typically 80’s of this car as well as its metallic grey. At the level of the rear windows, we find all the complex circuits added by Doc to allow the travel in the time as well as the compartments which allow to place the plutonium. As it is always the case for Pop Rides, Funko has put a character at the wheel and logically it is Marty McFly. In order to put him in the car, Funko removed the roof and we can see Marty with his outfit from the first movie. We can see the checkered shirt, the denim jacket and the famous red sleeveless jacket that makes him look like a coast guard in 1955! Finally, the 80’s obliges him to wear his big walkman helmet around his neck.

The time machine

Marty McFly is one of the main characters of the Back To The Future trilogy. Marty, a California teenager, divides his time between high school, his passion for rock music and his friend Emmet Doc” Brown, a brilliant but rather eccentric scientist. One night, Doc asks him to join him in a parking lot to show him his new invention, a time machine in the form of a DeLorean car. But before they have time to test it, the terrorists from whom Doc stole the plutonium show up and shoot him. Marty takes the car to escape but when he exceeds the speed that allows to trigger the time travel, he finds himself propelled in 1955, the date recorded in the machine. Marty will then have to call upon the Doc of 1955 to return home. But once back home at the end of the movie, Doc shows up again to take Marty to the future to help his future children. And now the car is flying! And this is what will trigger the events of the next two movies of the saga!


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