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Marty in jacket (Retour Vers Le Futur)

An adjustable jacket

Marty is shown here as we see him in the future when Doc gives him his clothes from the future, including this famous jacket with self-adjusting sleeves, here before they have adjusted and therefore much too long. This jacket is gray and dark red and underneath he is wearing a red t-shirt. With that, he wears blue jeans with turned-up pockets and the famous self-adjusting sneakers. Finally, at the level of the head, we find his brown hair styled on the front of his forehead.

Funny future

Marty McFly is the central character of the Back to the Future movie trilogy. He is a young high school student with a passion for music who finds himself embroiled in a series of time travels by his friend, the genius scientist Dr. Emmett Doc Brown. In the first film, Marty accidentally traveled to 1955 and had to find a way to get home without influencing his parents’ past and thus his own. At the beginning of the second film, Doc comes to get him to take him to the future in 2015 to help his future son not get arrested and put in jail. Marty accomplishes his mission but not without being spotted by old Biff who borrows the car and changes his own past. Back in the present, Marty realizes that it has changed a lot, for the worse. So he has to go back to the past to stop Biff from changing his past and thus get his present back.


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