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Doc 2015 (Retour Vers Le Futur)

A future Doc

Doc is thus represented here with the outfit he wears to blend in with the background in the future. It’s a yellow outfit with pants and a long jacket falling to his knees. With this, he is also wearing a red floral shirt with Chinese characters. He also wears big black boots with red laces. Finally, at the level of the head, we find his white hair brought back and he also wears his funny silver glasses allowing him to obtain a whole heap of information on his surroundings.

A trip to the future

Dr. Emmet Doc Brown is one of the main characters of the famous 80’s science fiction movie Back to the Future. He is a slightly eccentric but genius scientist who invented a time machine that he installed in a DeLorean car. In the first movie, after a first successful demonstration in front of his friend Marty McFly, Doc is attacked by the terrorists from whom he bought the plutonium. Marty escapes with the car and accidentally triggers time travel and finds himself in 1955. He has to call on the younger version of Doc to help him get home, as plutonium is not as readily available in his time. Back in the present, Marty is once again taken back in time, this time to 2015, by Doc in order to save his future son from life imprisonment. Doc has already spent quite a bit of time in the future and is able to explain to Marty everything he needs to know. Marty successfully saves his son but his temptation to buy a sports almanac to bring back to the present will cost him dearly.


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