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Dr Peter Venkman (Ghostbusters)

Dr. Peter Venkman is shown here in his official ghost hunting outfit. As in the movie, he is wearing black boots and his gray-beige overalls with the black badge and his name written on it in red. He also wears the backpack with the green straps containing the device allowing him to lock up the ghosts he captures. In his hands, he holds the weapon that allows him to suck them in and lock them up. This figurine contains several fine details that make, in part, the interest of this adorable figurine. We can indeed see his black gloves hanging from his waist and the ghostbusters” patch, emblem of their company, on his shoulder. Finally his face is made with one of the classic molds of pop figures without any particular feature. It’s thanks to his hair and his head which is slightly receding on the sides that we recognize Bill Murray so well.


The most famous ghost hunter

Dr. Peter Venkman, played by Bill Murray, is one of the main characters in the fantasy comedy films Ghostbusters 1 and 2. Dr. Peter Venkman, and his sidekicks Raymond Stantz and Egon Spengler, are parapsychologists at Columbia University. After a disaster while trying to chase a ghost out of the library, they lose their jobs and decide to start a ghost extermination company. After a successful first extermination in a New York hotel, the paranormal activity in the city increases dramatically and they become celebrities. When they are called by the beautiful Dana (Sigourney Weaver), they quickly discover that her apartment is haunted by the powerful demigod Zuul. Dr. Venkman at work


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