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Drift (Fortnite)

The pink fox

Funko has of course represented Drift in his final form for this pop figure. So we find this flamboyant black, pink and gold outfit with big sneakers and an elegant long jacket. He holds in his hand pink lightning, and in the other an axe in the same color tones. But it is at the level of the head that he is particularly successful with this mask of kitsune, the Japanese fox god. This one is white with pink and gold patterns and bright pink eyes.


Epic style

Drift is one of the skins that the player can earn as a reward by completing the first part of the Battle Pass of season 5 of the video game Fortnite Battle Royale. Indeed, in this game, players’ avatars start out very standard and they can be customized by purchasing skins or items from the store or by earning them. Drift is more of an attack skin because of his very flashy appearance and he also has the particularity of being evolutive, starting with a rather simple skin to reach a complete version with the mask and all the other accessories.


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