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Dug cone of shame (Up)

The Cone of Shame

For this exclusive figurine of Dug, he is shown wearing the cone of shame. He is sitting on his backside with his two back legs sticking out on the sides. He wears his black collar allowing him to speak English as well as the cone of shame, that is to say neither more nor less than the white collars that are put on the dogs after an operation. At the level of the head, we find his very big nose as well as his small sad eyes.


A disobedient dog

Dug is the little golden retriever that Carl and Russell meet, the two heroes of the Disney cartoon Up. Carl is an old man about to be forcibly committed to an old people’s home and decides to transform his house into a kind of zeppelin with the help of helium balloons to go and see the famous Angel Falls that he never got to see with his wife, who died a few years earlier. He accidentally picks up a young scout who was knocking on his door at the time and they both land in South America where they meet a strange pack of dogs whose master has equipped them with collars allowing them to speak English. Dug quickly becomes attached to Carl and agrees to help him protect Kevin, the bird that the dog pack was hunting. When his master learns of his disobedience, he will make him wear the famous cone of shame.


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