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Dug (Up)

A big nose

Dug is an adorable light brown golden retriever represented sitting on his backside with his back legs spread and his front legs in front of him. On his head, we find his very big black nose and his tongue hanging out giving him a friendly and joyful side. Finally, he wears around his neck the special collar allowing him to speak English.


A funny dog

Dug is the funny little dog met by Russell and Carl, the two heroes of the cartoon Up. Indeed, Carl, tired of the promoters who harass him to buy his house, decides to hang helium balloons on it to fly away and finally visit the famous Angel Falls, which he had never been able to do with his wife who died a few years ago. But at the time of the takeoff, a young scout, Russell, comes to visit him, and they find themselves embarked together in the adventure. When they arrive, they meet Dug, a very chubby golden retriever who speaks English thanks to a special collar that translates his thoughts, created by his strange master. Dug soon prefers Carl to his current master and decides to help him protect Kevin, the rare bird his master wanted to capture. At the end of the movie, Dug is back with Carl and Russell and he is apparently very happy in his new home.


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