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Kevin with Up House (Up)

A great figurine

Funko has represented Carl’s adorable house for this new Pop Town. This one is a small traditional house with a black slate roof, yellow walls, pink windows and many little details like the 18 on the porch and all the little tiles. Finally, from the chimney come out the many multicolored balloons that will allow the house to fly away and at the bottom of the steps, we can see a kind of rudder to direct it. Kevin is a tropical bird with long gray legs and beautiful colors: purple, yellow, orange, turquoise and a little red. His beak is orange and on the top of his head, he has five large feathers with round tips, a bit like peacock feathers.


A dream come true

Kevin is a funny bird met by Carl and Russel during their incredible adventure in the cartoon Up. Carl is an old man with good reason to be grumpy. He has lived a very happy life with his wife and the love of his life Ellie, but just when they could finally afford to go on the trip they had always dreamed of, Ellie got sick and passed away. Investors insisted on buying his house to destroy it and build a building on top of it and they even managed to make him look senile, forcing him to go to a retirement home. He decided to take a chance and tied hundreds of balloons to his house to make it fly to his dream destination in South America. He just hadn’t planned on taking Russel, the young scout who was there at the time, with him. They will then drift to South America, meet the funny bird Kevin, Doug the dog and many other strange characters.


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