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Figurines Pop Carl & Ellie (Up)

An adorable couple

For this SDCC 2019 exclusive two-pack, Funko has depicted Carl and Ellie as children at the beginning of their story. Ellie is a little redheaded girl with her hair done up in directions and she holds her adventure book” where she puts pictures of all the places she wants to see. She wears blue overalls with coins all over them over a green shirt. Carl, although also a child, already looks a lot like his adult version. He is wearing beige pants, a yellow shirt and a brown vest. But he also wears an aviator’s helmet in addition to his big square glasses. Finally, he holds in his hand a blue balloon on which is written “spirit of adventure”.


A sad love story

Carl is one of the heroes of the Up cartoon telling the story of an old man who decided to hang balloons on his house so that it would fly to the waterfall he never got to visit with his wife and who finds himself, in spite of himself, stuck with a young scooter boy who had come to ring his doorbell just before it flew away. At the beginning of the cartoon, we can see a sequence that tells the love story of Carl and his wife Ellie. They met as children and, while Carl was a shy little boy, Ellie dreamed of adventure. They became friends and as they grew up, Ellie took him on adventures until they fell in love. They got married and, unable to have children, they saved their whole lives to take the trips they had always dreamed of. But before they could retire and travel, Ellie became ill and died, leaving Carl alone with a broken heart.


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