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Ederson (Manchester City)

A great goalkeeper

Funko has therefore represented the player with his Manchester City goalkeeper’s outfit. This one is completely dark green with long sleeves and the name of their sponsor in big and the logo of the team in smaller on the chest. Of course, he’s also wearing matching socks and black cleated sneakers. He also wears white gloves and a white soccer ball under his right arm. Finally, at the head level, we find his brown hair cut soberly and very short.


Complicated beginnings

Ederson Santana De Moraes is a Brazilian footballer better known as Ederson and plays as a goalkeeper. Born in the small town of Osasco in Brazil in 1993, he started playing soccer at a very young age and, proving to be very talented, he soon joined FC Sau Paulo. In 2009, at just sixteen years old, he joined the youth club of Benfica Lisbon. He will then join Ave Rio FC in Portugal for three years before signing a big contract with Benfica again in 2015. Being first part of the reserve team, he will quickly prove himself and help the team to have very good results. Thanks to this, he will be recruited by Manchester City in 2017 for the fourth biggest transfer of a goalkeeper in the history of soccer.


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