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Eijiro Unbreakable (My Hero Academia)

An impressive appearance

Funko represented him here in unbreakable” version. This is the most advanced version of his alter that makes him almost completely indestructible. He wears black pants with red boots and an “R” on his waist. On his head, he wears a gray helmet that is breaking and his red hair is spiked on his head. You can see that his skin and even his eyes form a layer that looks like very sharp stone. His mouth is open with sharp teeth.


A hot-blooded boy

Eijiro Kirishima is a second grader at Yuei High School for superheroes in the manga and anime My Hero Academia. Like his classmates, he wants to become a professional hero. He especially admires the old school heroes who are very manly, especially Crimson Riot from whom he got his own superhero name, Red Riot. He is an eccentric boy who likes to be noticed but he is also very kind and friendly and especially appreciates honest and brave people like Deku, the hero of the series. His alter is hardening”, allowing him to make his skin as hard as diamond and to resist all kinds of attacks.


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