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Emma Bloom (Miss Peregrine)

Emma and her lead shoes

As described in the book and as seen in the film, Emma is a pretty young blonde woman always wearing a little blue flowery dress, very fashionable in the 40’s, a period in which the orphanage has been stuck for centuries. On her feet, she wears of course the big lead boots that allow her not to fly away all the time. On the head, her face is simple with just a little pink on the cheeks. Her blond hair is slightly wavy in the style of the 40’s and she wears a little rosebud in her hair, probably a wink to her family name.


The Light Girl

Emma Bloom is one of the main characters in Tim Burton’s film Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, adapted from the young adult fantasy novel by Ransom Riggs. As a young boy, Jacob looked with interest at the pictures of the strange children his grandfather had grown up with in the orphanage. While growing up, he thought the photos were just montages, he witnesses his grandfather’s death under strange circumstances. Traumatized, he decides to leave for Wales to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps in order to find out the truth about his past. In the village, he meets Emma, a strange young girl of his age. Following her into a cellar, he finally finds himself in the famous orphanage, perfectly preserved, and to his astonishment, he finds the children there who have not aged a day. It is then explained to him that they all have special gifts and are therefore kept safe in a time loop by Miss Peregrine. While in the book, Emma can control fire, in the film, she is given the power of one of the other children, that of being lighter than air. This explains why she has to wear shoes weighted with lead. Jacob will also learn about the gift that his grandfather gave him.


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