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Jake Portman (Miss Peregrine)

An ordinary looking boy

Contrary to all his new special friends who all have a very specific and well marked style, Jake has a current and most ordinary look. We can see the blue jeans and the brown shoes that he wears during most of the movie. With that, he wears a gray shirt and a blue jacket matched with his jeans. On the head, his face is relatively simple with brown eyebrows matching his hair. Those represent very well the cut of the young man and allow to make him quite recognizable.


A peculiar boy

Jake Portman is the hero of the movie Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children. The film is loosely adapted from the novels of the same name by Ransom Riggs. Jake is an American teenager who, since he was a child, has listened to stories about his grandfather and the strange orphanage where he grew up. When his grandfather dies in strange circumstances, Jake is traumatized and convinces his father to go to the place where his grandfather grew up in Wales in order to unravel the truth. When he arrives, he discovers that the children with special powers with whom his grandfather grew up do exist and are still alive today, over 60 years later! They are in fact living in a time loop in 1943 thanks to the famous Miss P?regrine, director of the orphanage. This allows her to protect these special children from the terrible monsters that want to attack them.


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