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Eren Titan Form (Attack On Titan)

A terrifying aspect

The titanic form of Eren is obviously much more terrifying than his human form. Apart from the fact that he is much taller and therefore naked, his musculature is much more developed and his face is strongly changed. Like the other titans, he has no lips, which uncovers his teeth in a rather worrying way. His eyebrows are also more pronounced and his hair is longer.


Eren takes the form of his enemies

Eren jaeger is the hero of the manga series and cartoons Attack On Titan. In this alternative world, creatures called titans have one day landed on Earth and started to attack entire cities by devouring their inhabitants, which is quite easy for them since they can measure up to 15 meters high. When he was a teenager, Eren saw his mother being devoured by a Titan and decided to join the army of one of the big fortified cities in order to fight them as best he could. Eren also has the power to control them and take their form.


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