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Ezekiel (The Walking Dead)

A look that doesn’t go unnoticed

Ezekiel is represented with his usual clothes: beige pants with big black boots and a blue shirt. On top, he wears a long brown coat with a woolen lining. On the head, we recognize his brown skin and his long grey hair styled in dreadlocks. In his right hand, he holds a wooden stick with a golden animal head at the end.


A king among men

Ezekiel is a character who arrived rather late in the series The Walking Dead (in season 7) but who quickly took an important role. He is the leader of a group of survivors called the kingdom and of which he is the self-proclaimed king. He may seem megalomaniacal at first, but he has a taste for drama and uses it to give hope to the people he is responsible for. He will do anything to protect them and keep them safe, including making dubious deals with the Saviors. He used to be a zookeeper and that’s why he has a tigress named Shiva as a pet.


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