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Figurines Pop Battle Of The Bastards (Game Of Thrones)

In the middle of the fight

This famous battle probably represents one of the most epic scenes of the series with Ramsay’s army on one side and that of the wildlings on Jon’s side, but in the end, it will all end in a face to face battle between the two. Jon wears the traditional outfit of the warriors of the North with his black pants and boots as well as this long brown leather tunic with sober embroidered patterns. At the level of his head, his curly hair is brought back as it is the case during all the season 6 and his face is marked with several scars. Finally, he holds the Stark shield that will allow him to repel Ramsay’s arrows and win the fight. On his side, Ramsay wears a similar outfit except that his hands are not gloved in order to be able to handle the big bow he holds in his hands. At the level of the head, we recognize the red which always seems to encircle his big eyes as well as his chestnut hair falling down in fine wicks on his forehead.


A long-awaited meeting

Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton are two important characters in the famous HBO fantasy series: Game Of Thrones. On the continent of Westeros, after the suspicious death of King Baratheon, several of the great families are fighting for power while beyond the wall built in the far north, the terrifying White Walkers are beginning to awaken and gather. Jon Snow is the bastard son of Ned Stark, Lord of the North, and a member of the Night’s Watch. Ramsay is the bastard son of Roose Bolton, a former ally of Ned Stark who betrayed him and provoked Jon’s half-brother and his mother. After his father officially recognizes him, Ramsay kills his father, becomes lord of Winterfell and marries Sansa Stark, who has been persuaded by Littlefinger. After she escapes from Winterfell and her violent and cruel husband, she finds Jon. Having left the Night’s Watch, he then sets out to avenge his family and take back the castle, which will thus give rise to the famous Battle Of The Bastards: a fight between two characters, both bastards but totally opposite in terms of personality.


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