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Figurines Pop Buffy et Faith (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

The Enemy Sisters

Although Faith returns several times during the series (in season 4 and then in season 7), it’s not until season 3 that she’s a recurring character and that’s when they’re both represented for this exclusive NYCC 2017 pack. Buffy is more specifically pictured during one of the final episodes (and also as seen in many promo photos from the time). She is wearing red leather pants, black boots and a fairly simple black tank top. In her right hand, she holds of course one of her famous wooden stakes and her long blond hair simply surrounds her face. As for Faith, her outfit is more sexy, she wears a tight golden pants with black boots and a rather short top discovering her belly and a part of her cleavage. She also wears separate sleeves and a wooden stake. Finally, at the level of the head, we recognize her long brown curly hair.

The chosen one to defeat the vampires

Buffy is the heroine of the cult series Buffy The Vampire Slayer. It tells the story of an ordinary high school girl who is told one day that she has been chosen to be the new slayer”, the last in a mythical line of warriors fighting vampires, demons and the forces of evil. She finds herself endowed with extraordinary strength and abilities that she must develop with the help of a “watcher”, a kind of guide, both spiritual and physical. While slayers are normally supposed to be solitary, Buffy refuses this and she will soon surround herself with friends who will help her in her mission while having to hide the truth from her mother. There is normally only one slayer per generation and it is only when she dies that another one is chosen. However, at the end of season 1, Buffy dies for a few seconds before being revived, but that’s enough for another slayer to arrive. Unfortunately, after having fought for a while with Buffy, Kendra will be killed in season two and it’s then Faith who arrives in season 3. Much more reclusive and outgoing, Faith will join the gang for a while until she accidentally kills an innocent man and that tips her over to the forces of evil.


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