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Angel (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

A look that hasn’t changed in 120 years

Angel is one of the characters whose style changes the least during the seasons, so it’s hard to say which period the figure is representative of. However, we can notice that from the middle of season 2, when he loses his soul, he usually wears longer coats. We can therefore assume that this is rather an early Angel, as is the case for the other characters represented. As we can see he usually wears only black except for an occasional white shirt or as here a sober colored shirt. In the first seasons, he often wears a black leather jacket, here finely represented with this shiny black patent. Finally Angel has short dark brown hair but always styled in spikes” in a typical late 90′ style. The rendering is perfect here and makes this figure, although very simple, particularly cute.

The vampire who had a soul

Angel is an important character in the series Buffy The Vampire Slayer”. We see him in some episodes of season 1, then he becomes a regular from season 2. Angel is a mysterious young man who helps Buffy on several occasions. He will reveal himself to be a vampire who got his soul back following a curse intended to punish him and make him feel guilty for all the evil he did. He and Buffy fall in love quickly and when they end up sleeping together in season 2 and he has a real moment of happiness, the Gypsy curse is lifted and he loses his soul again. He then joins forces with Spike and Drusilla, his former “partners”, and becomes the villain of season 2. At the end of the season, Willow manages to give him back his soul with the help of magic, but Buffy is forced to kill him in order to close the demonic door he just opened. In season 3, he will come back from the underworld having recovered his soul but not being able to bear living so close to Buffy without being able to be with her, he will decide to leave for Los Angeles at the end of the season. Angel will then have his own spin-off series, which will not prevent him from coming back to make a few appearances in Buffy in the following seasons.


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