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Dark Willow (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

A Gothic Willow

Funko chose to represent Willow during the last two episodes of season six when she stored up too much negative magic. She wears black pants with a gray blouse whose sleeves widen towards the bottom. Her hands are forward as if she was just using her magic. On her head, her red hair has become black precisely because of magic and for once the classic black eyes of the pop figures are rightly so because they are black because of magic. Finally, on her forehead and cheeks, we find the dark blue veins that are created on her face when she uses this negative magic.

The witch turns bad

Willow is Buffy’s best friend in the 90’s fantasy series Buffy the vampire slayer. As the name of the series suggests, Buffy is the latest in a line of female warriors with superpowers to fight demons, vampires and dark forces. The latest is Buffy, a California high school student who, when she arrives in the small town of Sunnydale, befriends Willow and Xander, who quickly discover her secret and decide to help her in her mission. At the beginning of the series, Willow is a very intelligent and studious young girl but also very shy, with a rather childish look and a bit naive side. She is also probably the character who has progressed the most during the series. From season 2, she starts to practice magic and to take a little more confidence in herself. This is also when she meets Oz, her first boyfriend. As the seasons go by, she practices magic more and more and her powers even start to become disturbing to Giles and Tara, his new girlfriend. In season 6, this becomes even more of a problem and Tara breaks up with Willow because she thinks that Willow is acting like a drug addict with magic. At the end of the season, Willow has detoxed and she and Tara reconcile. But the next morning, Tara is killed by a lost beauty meant for Buffy. When the demon Willow summons refuses to bring Tara back to life, Willow decides to absorb all the magic she can to avenge Tara and find her killer. This will launch her into a whirlwind of despair that will push her to want to destroy the world and only Xander will be able to dissuade her.


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