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Spike (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

Billy Idol’s inspiration

If the character has changed a lot in 6 seasons, his look has on the other hand evolved very little except in the last season where we see him wearing lighter colors and where he sometimes leaves aside his famous long black leather coat (that he stole from the last slayer he killed in the 70’s). However, here we can recognize the exact look that he wears in the promo pictures of season 2, where he wears his famous coat over grey jeans and a red shirt open over a t-shirt. To complete his metal look, he wears his usual boots type rangers. Funko obviously represented him with his famous Billy Idol haircut (which Spike said was actually inspired by him). And once again they didn’t forget the little detail of the scar in the eyebrow!

The worst enemy that became the champion” of the slayer

Spike is one of the main characters of the series “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”. It is probably, with Willow, one of the most complex characters and that will change the most during the seasons. He is a vampire who arrives in Sunnydale with his lover Drusilla at the beginning of season 2. They have a dark common past with Angel since it is him who turned Drusilla into a vampire after having made her crazy and it is then her who turned Spike. Although he is a “bad guy”, he is a character very much appreciated by fans for his very English humor. The two lovers are joined in the middle of the season by Angel when he loses his soul but when he and Drusilla want to bring hell on Earth, Spike has no desire to do so and will team up with Buffy to stop them. He will flee the city with Drusilla but will be back briefly in season 3 and again in season 4 to try to kill Buffy. Rendered harmless by the chip placed in his head by the initiative, he will be Buffy’s prisoner and then more or less her ally when he will discover that he can still attack demons. In season 5, he became one of the main characters and will have a strange love/hate attitude with Buffy when he realizes the love feelings he has for the slayer. Buffy ends up having a purely sexual affair with him but when she rejects him at the end of season 6, he leaves and reappears at the beginning of season 7 seemingly out of his mind. We learn that he has in fact recovered his soul and he will finally have a capital role in the final battle against “the force”. Although he presents himself as a pure “villain” having killed two of the previous slayers, Spike remains an eternal romantic, which will make all the interest and the charm of the character.


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