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Figurines Pop Vampire Buffy et Vampire Angel (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

A vampire couple

For this pack, Buffy is thus represented in the vampire form she has during this episode. She wears black pants with matching boots and a blue and white tank top, a rather sober look for this period of the series. At the level of the head, her face is very deformed, especially at the level of the eyebrows and her mouth is open, discovering her fangs of vampire. At the level of the hair on the other hand, we find his long hair of season one brought back in half ponytail. Angel is him as usual dressed mainly in black with pants, an elegant jacket and black shoes matched. With that, he wears a dark brown t-shirt. At the level of the head, as Buffy his face is very deformed and his mouth is also open discovering even more fangs than Buffy.

Buffy’s Nightmare

Buffy is the main character of the cult fantasy series of the late 90’s: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, about the life and adventures of a young high school girl chosen to fight vampires, demons and evil forces with her unusual abilities. In the season premiere, a young boy ends up in a coma after being attacked and drags everyone into his world of nightmares. While Xander is being chased by clowns and Willow finds herself having to make public speeches, Buffy finds herself transformed into a vampire. Angel is already a vampire. But after killing the daughter of a gypsy clan, they put a spell on him to give him back his soul so that he feels all the guilt of what he did as a vampire. He can only be delivered from the spell when he is able to experience pure happiness.


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