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Willow (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

Willow, the shy little high school girl

On this figurine, it is Willow from season 1 who is represented. We will recognize her long straight red hair and we will appreciate the small detail of the implantation of the hair in heart characteristic of the actress Alyson Hannigan. At the level of the look, we find well her taste for the associations of colors and not very flattering flashy motives that she often carried in the 2 or 3 first seasons. The style of the 90s is also very present with the association of skirt / tights and sneakers. For this outfit in particular, the creators of the figurine were obviously inspired by the series of promo photos from season 1. We can find on one the yellow/orange sweater and the white skirt with red patterns and on the other the association of brown tights and red sneakers. The blue would it have been stolen on Cordelia? In the end, if all these elements are enough to recognize the shy Willow of season 1, we would have liked an additional accessory to complete this figurine. Why not a book or her famous little girl backpack?

Willow, the nerdy witch

Willow Rosenberg is one of the main characters of the series Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and is one of the four original “Scooby gang” with Buffy, Xander and Giles. She is probably the character who has evolved the most in all aspects over the seasons. At the beginning, she’s a shy, nerdy and rather uncomfortable high school girl in love with her childhood friend Xander, who will fall in love with Buffy (herself in love with Angel the vampire, complicated!). At the end of season 2, she will try her hand at magic and as the seasons go by, she will become a real witch with powerful powers, which coupled with her intellect will make her one of the biggest assets of the group. This will eventually cause her trouble in season 6 but it is also what will greatly contribute to give her more confidence in her personality as well as physically. The little girl outfits of the first seasons will eventually disappear in favor of much more feminine outfits with gothic/hippie chic tendencies in the last seasons. Of course, the other very important event will be her change of sexual orientation during season 4 when she falls for the pretty but shy Tara following her difficult breakup with Oz. The two young women will help each other to become more assertive and confident. And it should be noted that at the time it was a type of relationship that was still very rarely seen on television.


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