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Figurines Pop Elsa, Marshmallow et Olaf (La Reine Des Neiges)

Funny Creatures

For this cute 3-pack, Funko has depicted Elsa with the turquoise dress she makes for herself when she leaves the castle and goes to live in the mountains. Her blond hair is braided and she holds a snowflake in her hand. Olaf is of course represented very smiling. His body is made of two big snowballs and an even bigger and longer one for the head. His arms are made of tree branches and his nose is a carrot like any self-respecting snowman. Finally, Marshmallow is a large snow creature and has arms, feet and sharp teeth made of ice.


An icy trio

Elsa is the now very famous princess and future queen of the kingdom of Arendelle in the cartoon The Snow Queen. Since childhood, she had the power to control ice and often used it to play with her sister Anna. But after she accidentally hurt her, she decided to stay away from her family to protect them, as Anna had no memory of her power anyway. But after the death of her parents, Elsa has to be crowned queen. The event makes her very nervous and she loses control of her power. She decides to leave the kingdom and take refuge in the mountains in an ice palace created entirely with her powers. At the same time, she recreates Olaf, a living snowman that she had already created for her sister when they were little, making him particularly loyal to both girls at the same time. Marshmallow is a kind of ice creature that Elsa creates to protect herself when Anna and then the Arendelle army chase her and insist that she goes back to the castle.


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