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Figurines Pop Jon Snow & Rhaegal (Game Of Thrones)

An impressive mount

Jon is here represented on the dragon Rhaegal as we see him during the first episode of season eight and during the long night. Rhaegal is on the ground with his mouth wide open and his wings partly folded. We can see his green scales all over his body and the many details of horns and spikes on his head as well as the lighter yellow on his wings. Jon is riding on his back and looks rather worried. He is wearing his usual brown tunic with a thick fur cape tied across his chest and brown gloves. On his head, he wears his mid-length black hair pulled back from his face and his black beard and goatee.


A real Targaryen

Jon Snow is one of the most important characters of the Game Of Thrones saga. At the beginning of the first season, being the bastard of the house Winterfell, he can’t hope for a bright future or a marriage and therefore decides to join the night watch like his uncle before him. Being intelligent, brave and already well trained, he is quickly noticed in the guard and the chief entrusts him with a mission to the Wildlings that will not leave him unchanged. Later, after the death of the chief of the guard and having valiantly defended Castle Black, he is elected as the new chief by his people. Very quickly, he discovers that the real threat comes from the White Walkers and will focus on that. He is killed by his own people, then brought back to life. He will then leave the guard to take back Winterfell with Sansa. In season 7, when Deanerys arrives on the continent, he will convince her to help them fight the real threat. She will accept and they will fall in love. At the beginning of season eight, they arrive at Winterfell, more in love than ever and Jon has for the first time the opportunity to fly on Rhaegal’s back. Unfortunately, the happiness will be short-lived when they will learn from Bran and Sam that Jon is a Targaryen and thus his nephew.


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