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Figurines Pop Movie Moments Hulk Smashing Loki (Avengers)

A not really epic battle

For this movie moment, Funko chose to represent the moment when the Hulk grabs Loki as if he was a common doll and hits him against the ground until he can no longer move. We find the floor of Tony Stark’s apartment in the Stark Tower as a support. Loki is lying on the floor, partly sunken and his cape still flying to show the impression of movement. The Hulk is on top and holding Loki down with his fist. As always, he is wearing only a piece of his torn pants after his transformation. A really cult moment of the Marvel cinematic universe not to be missed under any circumstances.


Hulk in action

Loki is the villain of the first Avengers movie. Using the tesseract, Loki manages to find a way to Earth and plans to bring the Chitauri armies there by using the tesseract on a larger scale. Nick Fury and Phil Coulson send Iron Man, Black Widow and Captain America after him but he is intercepted by Thor. Agreeing to work with S.H.I.E.L.D., Thor brings his brother to be held captive at their facility. But this was in fact Thor’s plan and he took advantage of the opportunity to steal the Tesseract and escape. Once the Chitauri army is already present, the Avengers must do everything they can to fight them and of course close the passageway that keeps letting them arrive on Earth. At the end of the movie, when Loki has lost his armies, he finds himself having to fight the Hulk. But this fight is much faster than he imagined since he is a god, but the Hulk knocks him out in less than a minute


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