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Figurines Pop Queen of Hearts with King (Alice Au Pays Des Merveilles)

A funny couple

The royal couple is represented here at the same scale as in the cartoon with the king twice as small as the queen. She is wearing a red and black dress with white fur trim and a very high collar. Under her dress, she has a yellow and black petticoat. She has black hair and wears a golden crown and holds a stick with a heart-shaped tip. You are very small and wear a red dress with a white fur trim. He has blond hair and wears a golden crown.


A capricious queen

The queen of hearts is an important character of the animated film Alice in Wonderland inspired by the novel of Lewis Carroll. It is the very capricious queen of the country of the wonders in which Alice finds herself after having followed the white rabbit in its burrow. This last one does not stop running while repeating that he is late. Alice tries to follow him while trying to find her way home. She ends up in the Queen’s garden where the rabbit was expected to blow the horn for the Queen’s croquet game. The Queen is so obsessed with hearts and the color red that the guards paint the white roses red so as not to anger her. Her husband is very small and shy compared to the queen and her big head.


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