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Figurines Pop Sora, Goofy et Donald chase glow in the dark (Kingdom Hearts)

A change of look for the heroes

For this chase version of this already exclusive box set, Funko decided to represent the three heroes with the look of the Tron universe in glow in the dark version. We find the usual shape of their kingdom hearts outfit but with Tron colors on a black background with blue lines. Even their body is represented in shades of gray, blue and beige.


The heroes in the futuristic version

Sora, Goofy and Donald are three of the heroes of the famous video game series Kingdom Hearts from Square Enix Studios, which mixes an original world and characters with the Disney world. After his friends disappear, young Sora sets out to find them throughout the kingdom. He crosses paths with Donald and Goofy with whom he will become friends and share some of his adventures. In the second opus of his adventures, he enters the strange and futuristic world of Tron, the human incarnation of a security software.


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