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Figurines Pop Surf’s up! Batman & The Joker (Batman Classic TV Series)

Unlikely looks

As in the episode, the looks of Batman and the Joker are unlikely as they wear their usual clothes but with swim shorts on top. Batman is wearing his light gray skintight jumpsuit with the dark blue boots, cape and gloves but he is also wearing a yellow Batman belt holding his yellow swim shorts. He also holds his yellow surfboard. The Joker wears his usual purple suit with a green shirt and elegant shoes but also wears blue swim shorts with purple patterns. We find his white complexion, his big smile with red lips and his green hair. In his hand, he holds his surfboard of a darker green.


A crazy confrontation

Batman is the hero of the classic 60’s series adapted from the famous comic books of the same name. In one particular episode, the Joker, one of his worst enemies and one of Gotham City’s biggest criminals, decides to take part in a surfing competition, thinking that popularity and fame will allow him to conquer the hearts of the city’s inhabitants to better control it. He kidnaps a famous surfer and uses a machine of his own invention to steal his abilities. When he starts beating all the competitors, Batman decides to sign up to prevent the Joker from winning.


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