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Figurines Pop Taram & Horned King (The Black Cauldron)

Good and Evil

Taran will manage to defeat the terrible king of darkness but will decide to remain a farmhand despite the princess’ proposal to make him a knight.


A simple farmhand

Taram is the hero of the Disney cartoon Taran and the Magic Cauldron. Once upon a time, the king was so cruel and wicked that the gods turned him into metal and locked him in the form of an evil cauldron. It is said that if someone found him, he would resurrect the king’s entire evil army and have them under his command. Taran is a simple farmhand, but he owns a magical sow with the power to find hidden objects. The village enchanter thinks that the dark lord might try to use her to find the cauldron and so he tells Taran to take her to a hidden cabin in the forest to protect her. But too busy dreaming of becoming a knight, he lets the sow get captured. He finds her but is captured in turn and meets another captive, a princess. After many adventures and with the help of his new friends


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