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Figurines Pop Tien and Chiaotzu (Dragon Ball Z)

A funny duo

Tien is thus represented with his green fighting suit hanging only on one shoulder and maintained at the waist by a simple brown belt. His powerful musculature is very well represented and we can see the scar across his chest. At the head level, we notice his strange arched eyebrows and the third eye on his forehead. Chiaotzu is very small, barely taller than Tien and with a white face with red cheeks that makes him look like a mime. He wears a small black hat with a red pompom and stands in a fighting stance.


An enemy turned ally

As it is the case of many characters of the Dragon Ball Z saga, Tien was at first an enemy of Goku and his team before finally siding with him. Tien is an earthling (although he is also a descendant of the three-eyed people) and one of the proudest fighters of the Crane School. This school was determined to defeat Goku after he defeated their mentor, the mercenary Tao. But thanks to Master Roshi, Tien realized that he was on the wrong side and joined the Dragon Team. Chiaotzu is also an earthling with strong psychic power, and Tien’s best friend. He is a faithful friend who follows him everywhere and accompanies him in all his fights and adventures.


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