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Figurines Pop Toby vs Michael (The Office)

A complicated duo

Funko portrayed the two men here at Toby’s farewell party in season four. Michael is wearing his usual dark blue suit with a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, but without his jacket. He points his finger at Toby accusingly. Toby is shown wearing his usual brown suit with a red tie, yellow shirt and brown shoes. In his left hand, he is holding the stone that Michael gave him as a gift” to leave and on which is hung a post-it note on which is written “suck on this!


An incomprehensible enmity

Michael Scott and Toby are two important characters of the American series The Office. They both work in the Scranton branch of the Dunder Mifflin paper company in Pennsylvania. The whole series is seen through the camera of someone who seems to make a documentary. Michael Scott is the boss of this branch. He started as a salesman at the bottom and quickly worked his way up. He is, however, not a very intelligent man, very egocentric and very fond of making a spectacle of himself without fear of ridicule. He has an unexplained hatred for Toby, the head of human resources in this branch. Toby is recently divorced at the beginning of the series and perpetually depressed. He repeatedly tries to show interest in Pam but she doesn’t notice. He also has to deal with the unprofessional behavior of Michael and many of the other employees very often.


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