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Pam Beesly (The Office)

A Meaningful Gift

Pam is shown here during one of the Christmas episodes in the early seasons holding Jim’s gift in her hands. It’s a green teapot that she really wanted. She is otherwise wearing a white shirt with a dark blue skirt, black heels and finally, a pink cardigan in the very wise style she has at the beginning of the series. Her brown/red hair is pulled back and she is wearing Christmas themed earrings.


A talented receptionist

Pam Beesly is one of the main characters in the American series The Office set in the offices of a small paper company in the town of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Pam is the receptionist for the Scranton branch who is the one we follow throughout the series. Although she seems a bit shy and reserved, she has a humor that can be wry and especially loves to play tricks on her colleague Dwight with the help of her colleague and best friend Jim Halpert. During the first two seasons of the series, she is engaged to Roy, one of the men who works at the warehouse, but as time goes by, their relationship seems to make her less happy. Not to mention that Jim, her best friend is in love with her, and her feelings for him are far from platonic. Pam is also an artist. She has a talent for drawing and in season five, she goes to New York for several months for graphic design training.


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