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Michael Scott avec b?quilles (The Office)

A serious handicap

Funko has thus represented Michael in this famous episode. He’s wearing his usual light blue shirt with a suit jacket but he’s not wearing a tie and his shirt is out while he’s wearing jogging pants below. On one side he is wearing a black and white sneaker and on the other his foot is wrapped in bubble wrap. He is standing on two large crutches and, at the head level, we find his black hair combed back.


A dramatic boss

Michael Scott is the boss of the Scranton branch of the company Dunder Mifflin in the American series The Office. The series is shot as a documentary and takes place almost entirely in the offices of the small paper company and tells of both the professional and personal problems of the employees. Michael Scott is a former salesman. He is a very immature man who likes to show off and thinks he is much cooler than he really is. He can sometimes be sexist or racist without meaning to be and likes to dramatize any situation if it makes him look good. Despite this, he is a man who loves his employees and considers them his family. In one of the episodes of the first seasons, he burns his foot on his grill and arrives at work on crutches, giving the story exaggerated proportions and bringing the team together for a speech on disability.


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